My favorite Holiday memory

I just love the Holidays, I have many memories from Christmas past and they all are my favorite.

My favorite memory was going to church and watching the Christmas Play, I loved reenactment of the Christmas Story and the portal of Jesus Birthday, and loved all the Christmas Songs. This is my most favorite memory.

I remember my mom making lots of homemade goodies like her famous fudge and fruitcake, she would package up her goodies in nice boxes and distribute to friends and family.

I remember going Christmas Caroling with the Church, I just love all the old Christmas Songs like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Santa Clause is coming to town. Afterwards we would drink a cup of hot Wassail or Apple Cider. It was the best

I loved watching all the Christmas Specials on TV like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, The Year with out a Santa Clause and The little Drummer Boy. They are my favorite, and I still watch them every year, it has become a Christmas tradition.

When I was growing up, we would get new outfits for Christmas and somehow we all matched for the Christmas picture that was sent to Friends and Family. When I had kids, we altered this tradition a little bit, we would take the picture with a silly Christmas Hat, and distribute to friends and family.

On Christmas Eve, the tradition was to watch the fireworks, but we always seem to miss Santa Clause during the fireworks display. I love seeing all the pretty firework displays in the sky, and sometimes would wished upon a star.

I just love Christmas morning, we got to open all the presents before we went to Grandma’s house for Christmas Lunch/Dinner.

Christmas Dinner was the best, my grandma and my mom are the best cooks. There was a whole buffet of goodies to eat on Christmas Day. There was so many sweets to choose from, but my favorite was my grandma’s Rhubarb Pie.

I wish everyone a very memorable Christmas and New Year šŸ™‚

I would like to know what your favorite Christmas memory is?


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    One of my favorite Christmas memories was going to my aunt’s house every Christmas Eve. My cousins were there along with my grandma, who always brought along her Butter Balls(also known as Russian TeaCakes or Mexican Wedding Cakes). Grandma would always ask her grandchildren to perform a little “act”, which would usually be singing a Christmas carol or doing an impromptu skit. Then, she would give us money, whether we did a good job or not!

    I’ve looked at some of your recipes, and they look yummy. I may give some of them a try. Thanks for your visit to my blog.


    Carol Connell

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